Meet Our Volunteers (Part 1)

January 9, 2022


Volunteering has been a part of our network since we were founded over the years. To this day, voluntary service—helping others without desire for personal gain—remains one of our Fundamental Principles guiding everything we do.

Sina Matezki

My name is Sina Matezki from Germany. I am currently studying Media Arts/Film and Television at the University of South Australia. I am volunteering as Custom Digital Image Creation project with Child Survival Aid Ghana (CSAG).

Education is a key factor for children especially from rural background to shape their future and reach their live goals. Without proper education, children will have limited choices and will have limited opportunity to contribute to the growth of an equal and healthy community.

Through the development and creation of digital images, I assist in drawing public’s attention to the importance of adequate education for children in rural areas to convey meaning and information for CSAG.

I would advise other volunteers to reach out and utilise their personal skills. Volunteering does not only improve one’s personal abilities but also has a long-lasting impact to children’s lives and create a positive change in the world.

Emer Cronin

My name is Emer Cronin and I am a digital marketing professional from Ireland but I currently live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I work with Child Survival Aid as volunteer as social media co-ordinator. Growing up in Ireland with access to free education throughout my life, it is almost easy to take it for granted. My mother and brother are teachers and my father is a retired principal. I have always been surrounded by education and thus I took it to be the rule not the exception.

However, after time and through education, I learned that this is sadly not the case. Education for children is learning that while you might struggle at one thing, you might excel at another. It is the knowledge that you don’t have to be good at everything but that if you keep working at it you will improve. It’s the medium that develops natural interests into life skills. It is your personal toolbox that you can bring with you and apply wherever you need, across the globe. Apart from the subjects that are taught, it is a social life for many children and maybe a safe space for those with a volatile home-life.

“Education for children is learning that while you might struggle at one thing, you might excel at another. It is the knowledge that you don’t have to be good at everything but that if you keep working at it you will improve.”

As a child growing up in rural Ireland I personally couldn’t wait for the summer holidays to end so that I could get back to school and see my friends again. I found the summers lonely. For many it is a guarantee of at least one meal a day.

My role as volunteer is to raise awareness through social media so that more people can become aware of the Child Survival Aid Ghana cause and become more involved if they wish.

My advice to another volunteer who is looking to get involved in this cause is to take a personal appraisal, see where education has brought you and see what skills, support and value you think you can bring to the Child Survival Aid Ghana cause. Check out our social media channels to find out more about the charity and where your natural interests bring you.

Rutuja Vartak

Hello, I am Rutuja Vartak. I recently graduated from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture in 2021 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. I’m interested in pursuing a public service career and helping promote social equity through my work. I work with Child Survival Aid as volunteer Social Media Coordinator.

I believe education has the power to give children the ability to look past their current socio-economic limitations and work towards a sustainable future. I would like to use the skills I learned through my own education to advocate the goals of quality education for children in need. I am excited to utilise the incredible capacities of social networks to create change and empower this cause.

I would strongly recommend everyone to volunteer for many reasons. Firstly, volunteering keeps us connected to global and local community. Also, it’s highly rewarding for our personal growth as well as makes a positive impact in society. It’s also a great opportunity to improve on your teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and people skills.

Judy He

My name is Judy He and I am currently a Law student. I come from Australia. I work with Child Survival Aid as volunteer on copywriting project for Child Survival Aid Ghana.

Children are our future. That is why education is so important to foster their minds and encourage their creativity so that they can learn and help shape our future for the better.

Be humble and willing to learn and always remember there is always something to learn from everyone.

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