Klagon Cluster of Schools Library Refurbishment

Written by Weng Huaying

March 8, 2022

It’s been a long time. It’s been months of endless hours, numerous meetings, aggressive fundraising and days where everybody just had to get a little down and dirty. Child Survival Aid Ghana is very happy to announce that the Klagon Cluster of Schools library has been successfully furnished and handed over to the school authority for use.

One of the greatest and most unique aspects of this project is the partnership between Third World Group Foundation and Anike Foundation. The three organisations worked together to better education for Klagon Cluster of Schools students. This project really brought excitement to teachers and students because they can now have access to a library with books, tables and chairs.  They can sit down comfortably read and research for information.

The day of the opening ceremony was such a positive experience as the students got to share in this wonderful excitement of having library to enhance their learning and read. 

This library would not have been finished without our generous donor, Soest Third World Group Foundation, and Anike Foundation for its role of proposal designing for this project. A large thank you to AIM for funding that allowed us to get the library furnished for the school.  The head mistress and the entire teachers of the schools were happy about it and thanks the donors and facilitator of the project and promised that they would put the library into good use she said.


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