Why Library

Written by Weng Huaying

March 8, 2022

Quality education is fundamental for pupils’ advancement in any country. School libraries are said to be the second class for pupils because of the important role they play in enhancing the quality of education. School libraries are an avenue for cultivating pupils’ morals, the important facade for improving pupils’ education quality and for effective facilities for developing special technical education, serving as a friendly place for increasing pupils’ total education quality.

The general idea for school libraries is to intensify the quality of education in schools through provision of adequate facilities such as chairs, tables, textbooks and qualified library staff to guide pupils in appropriate usage of libraries for better performance and hence lead to quality education in the country.

Despite of the tremendous contribution of school libraries in increasing the students’ performance it has been discovered that this role is not recognized by most of the government officials. The challenges such as staffing, funding, lack of standard library building and frequent change in curriculum that affects collection development need to be addressed by the government if at all the country has to provide quality education to her citizens.

A library is an essential tool in providing quality education. Research has shown a strong correlation between student achievement and the presence of quality library facilities. Well-equipped libraries are particularly important for schools in deprived areas where children do not have books of their own at home.


Help Kids learn

Reading helps children to develop language skills and enhances their vocabulary. It also stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. With a mobile library, children living in the slums can spend time reading instead of playing on the streets where they are exposed to dangers. Help provide a library to develop a culture of reading for these children!


Underprivileged Students Activity

Someone underpriviledged doesn’t have the advantages other people have. Underpriviledged people usually live in poverty. A priviledge is a right or an advantage, and people who are underprivileged lack such rights and advantages. We took charge and tried to create awareness about these students and tried to get help from our colleagues as much as possible.

Underpriviledged and underachieving students are a large challenge in schools. Teachers have a challenge in dealing with students who are not interested in learning. This is because their work is to know how students should achieve good grades to their potential. The real problem arises from teachers start developing negative attitudes towards these students. Underprivileged students have a lack of access to resources like reading materials, uniforms, and food. This may lead to uncompleted homework or assignments. The problem facing educators is helping students to achieve optimal learning which is the conceptual understanding and ability to apply the knowledge to learning. Teachers are not using techniques that match different kids’ modes of learning. Negative attitudes from the teachers lead to poor quality teaching. There are many solutions to curbing the negative attitude towards students like incorporating technology in the curriculum to increase students’ motivation to learn and improve their grades and talents.

We have started an awareness program to initiative to support bright but underprivileged students post the 10th grade to pursue further studies in literacy; leading to employment. We will try to reach to the organization so that they can help them to cover the cost of scholarships, books, and all skill training.

In spite of the privileged getting anything money can buy, an underprivileged person gets the important things money can’t buy. Many people have heard the expression “if you give a man a fish you can feed them a day, if you teach a man to fish you can feed them a lifetime.” Well, I believe privileged people are given fish and the underprivileged are taught to fish.

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