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Meet Our Volunteers

Volunteering has been a part of our network since we were founded over the years. To this day, voluntary service—helping others without desire for personal gain—remains one of our fundamental principles guiding everything we do.

My name is Eva Berger Afi from Sweden. “Afi” is a Ghanaian local name which means Friday born – it was giving to me during my internship.

I had the pleasure to do my internship with this amazing non-profit, and wow what a humbling and awesome experience it was. This team works straight from the heart and with loads of passion for making the world a better place! Working with this wonderful team will restore your faith in humanity and make you feel like you are making a difference!

I love this amazing non-profit, everything they stand for, and the excellent work they do in the lives of others! I definitely, definitely recommend!!

My name is Sina Matezki from Germany. I am currently studying Media Arts/Film and Television at the University of South Australia. I am volunteering as Custom Digital Image Creation project with Child Survival Aid Ghana (CSAG).

Education is a key factor for children especially from rural background to shape their future and reach their live goals. Without proper education, children will have limited choices and will have limited opportunity to contribute to the growth of an equal and healthy community. Through the development and creation of digital images, I assist in drawing public’s attention to the importance of adequate education for children in rural areas to convey meaning and information for CSAG.

I would advise other volunteers to reach out and utilise their personal skills. Volunteering does not only improve one’s personal abilities but also has a long-lasting impact to children’s lives and create a positive change in the world.

My name is Emer Cronin and I am a digital marketing professional from Ireland but I currently live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I work with Child Survival Aid as volunteer as social media co-ordinator. Growing up in Ireland with access to free education throughout my life, it is almost easy to take it for granted. My mother and brother are teachers and my father is a retired principal. I have always been surrounded by education and thus I took it to be the rule not the exception.

However, after time and through education, I learned that this is sadly not the case. Education for children is learning that while you might struggle at one thing, you might excel at another. It is the knowledge that you don’t have to be good at everything but that if you keep working at it you will improve. It’s the medium that develops natural interests into life skills. It is your personal toolbox that you can bring with you and apply wherever you need, across the globe. Apart from the subjects that are taught, it is a social life for many children and maybe a safe space for those with a volatile home-life.

“Education for children is learning that while you might struggle at one thing, you might excel at another. It is the knowledge that you don’t have to be good at everything but that if you keep working at it you will improve.”

As a child growing up in rural Ireland I personally couldn’t wait for the summer holidays to end so that I could get back to school and see my friends again. I found the summers lonely. For many it is a guarantee of at least one meal a day.

My role as volunteer is to raise awareness through social media so that more people can become aware of the Child Survival Aid Ghana cause and become more involved if they wish.

My advice to another volunteer who is looking to get involved in this cause is to take a personal appraisal, see where education has brought you and see what skills, support and value you think you can bring to the Child Survival Aid Ghana cause. Check out our social media channels to find out more about the charity and where your natural interests bring you.

Hello, I am Rutuja Vartak. I recently graduated from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture in 2021 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. I’m interested in pursuing a public service career and helping promote social equity through my work. I work with Child Survival Aid as volunteer Social Media Coordinator.

I believe education has the power to give children the ability to look past their current socio-economic limitations and work towards a sustainable future. I would like to use the skills I learned through my own education to advocate the goals of quality education for children in need. I am excited to utilise the incredible capacities of social networks to create change and empower this cause.

I would strongly recommend everyone to volunteer for many reasons. Firstly, volunteering keeps us connected to global and local community. Also, it’s highly rewarding for our personal growth as well as makes a positive impact in society. It’s also a great opportunity to improve on your teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and people skills.

My name is Judy He and I am currently a Law student. I come from Australia. I work with Child Survival Aid as volunteer on copywriting project for Child Survival Aid Ghana. 

Children are our future. That is why education is so important to foster their minds and encourage their creativity so that they can learn and help shape our future for the better.

Be humble and willing to learn and always remember there is always something to learn from everyone.

My name is Huaying Weng and I am from China. I am currently living in Australia and volunteering as a Marketing and Social Media Specialist to work on Google Ads project with Child Survival Aid Ghana.

We are building to increase traffic to our website and attracting attention of caring people from social forces through Google Advertising by letting more people know that children in remote location also want to study and we are assisting them to have a chance to study so that they can have a better future.

We try to do everything in our power and there are various ways in which we can contribute towards society’s progress. It is relatively easier to support a cause pertaining to the upliftment of underprivileged children. Every child loves an entertaining event like an art and craft workshop or a magic show. Each of us can make a difference to the lives of these children in various ways.

Let’s do everything in our power to help disadvantaged children. Get involve and we can do it together.

“I believe that children and people’s lives, mind, and future can all be altered through education.”

“Let’s make the world better together.”

My name is Angelina Zhang and I am very passionate about life and excited for tomorrow. I work with Child Survival Aid Ghana (CSAG) as a volunteer on Marketing Strategy Sessions project.

While people cannot choose their birth, they can decide on their future and I believe that education is the best way in changing one’s fate. Imagine growing up as a child in South Africa and experiencing poverty and poor hygiene. Due to family’s financial pressure, a child may not even be able to finish primary school and repeating the same cycle for their child as well.

Education is an opportunity to break this cycle and get out of poverty. Education allows one to rebel against the unfair treatment they receive and every action makes a difference.

As a student myself, I understand how important education is and am grateful for the opportunity to pursue an education in university. I will try my best to design the marketing strategy for CSAG with my knowledge that I have learnt in university to let more people take notice of the education plight of the children. Let’s make the world better together.

My name is Rajkumar G (Roger) from India and I work with CSAG as a volunteer for copywriting project.

As a copywriter, I know the power of words that can transform the world. I want to help the children to know the power of words. For that, I’m volunteering to use my copywriting skills to give the children the right education at the right time.

“If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.”

― Betty Reese

Like this quote, you have something to give back to Community. So please, don’t hesitate to get involved in these kind of charity work.

My name is Sweta Siddu. I am a Digital Marketing specialist and living in Sydney, Australia. I work as a volunteer for CSAG on Google adword project. I believe that children’s education is very important. I think that Non-Governmental Organisations and volunteering plays a crucial role in raising funds to support children’s education.

If we are able to volunteer in any field, in any form whether virtually or physically, it will have a great impact in children’s future. Please do not think that only money will help. Consider the children’s future and use your skills and efforts to make their lives brighter.

“Consider the children’s future and use your skills and efforts to make their lives brighter.”

Hi, My name is Wen Li Leong, and I work as an IT consultant in Australia. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Computing and Software Systems from the University of Melbourne. I am a volunteer for Child Survival Aid Ghana (CSAG) and primarily assist with maintaining and updating the website.

I strongly believe that every citizen of the society has the right to a high-quality education, yet many young kids from all over the globe are being denied this right. Education for everyone can be a powerful tool to witness a progressive change in the world. It has the potential to eliminate many of society’s deep-seated problems, such as crime and poverty.

I am quite enthusiastic of the upcoming information technology and how it can be used to solve real world problems. In an ever-changing world, I am always motivated to learn new concepts and upgrade my skills. I strive to mark a positive niche in the world by implementing my expertise for the betterment of the world.

I am Yingqi Zhang, profession graphic designer from Australia

Children education is the future of a family, social and even human. I hope I could help them to understand complex content by designing some interesting graphic

We all need to learn some skills in dealing with children, including child psychology.

My name is Dhruv Basur. I am a multidisciplinary freelance designer based in Mumbai, India and currently pursuing a masters in design degree from Monash University, Australia.
Social Media Volunteer

Education is the foundation for success. Educating children not only exposes them with the fountain of knowledge but also allows them to contribute towards society. Being a designer, I believe I can impart my knowledge and experience towards creating awareness about the importance of educating youth through a plethora of digital media creatives.

Work with and for the beneficiary and not for any personal gains. Volunteers should also adjust their course of duties according to the native circumstances. Empowering the beneficiaries should be the ultimate goal.

I am a young and energetic Graphic Designer, almost 8 years over in Graphic design with experience in web/mobile design, digital printing production and worked in many (India) Non-Profit as a Volunteer and Internship. Graduated with B.Sc in Maths and gained several Diplomas in Marketing, Design, Creative, Events Management, Film Studies, Innovation, and Integrated Management. Worked as the first step on ground level in Printing House in Assistant Designer and then moved to Media Company handling with many more Brands creative design and artwork. Again, worked as a Graphic Design Specialist for 1 and a half years and working till now freelance Graphic Designer and working Volunteering & Internships at India NGOs during these years. (I am From Myanmar)

Studies have shown that those who are more educated are more likely to live longer, live healthier lives, and are even more likely to help strangers. Investing in various types of education from the time children are young ensures that they have a strong foundation and that the whole person is being educated.

My Name is Kavya Kher. I am a Social Research and Policy Graduate and have a passion for facilitating social change. I am currently working as a Social Policy Officer in Sydney and am now volunteering at Child Survival Aid Ghana. I currently live in Sydney, Australia, but am passionate about helping with international issues and policy development worldwide.  

My role includes Digital editing, Fundraising coordination, and Social Media Marketing for the organization.   

I strongly believe all children deserve the right to an education, the opportunity to socially develop, and to be provided with learnings and skills that will assist them as they form the future of society.   

Through Digital editing, Fundraising coordination, and Social Media marketing, I hope to spread awareness on Child Survival Aid’s cause. My values strongly align with the organization, as they are equally as passionate to provide extensive opportunities and educational development to disadvantaged Children. I hope to use my skill sets and knowledge on education policy to spread a strong message and have other members of society become involved in achieving great impact.  

I would strongly advise anyone invested in education policy and children’s education to open to volunteering in any capacity.  These opportunities are not only providing learning experiences for children, but also for yourself as you are able to engage with communities from across the globe, meet new people and gain new skills.

Litchivi Solutions logo

“You could be at the core of the web of positivity, which could help countless underprivileged children, and give them a decent life.”

Litchivi Solutions Pty Ltd is a sustainable design start-up which is devoted to influence social change through our work. Our code of ethics & values of sustainability are in congruence with the UN Sustainable development goals 2030. We believe that powerful sustainable growth cannot just be brought about by helping developed societies advance but happens at the grassroot level of developing nations, which exposes us to the real issues of mankind. We at Litchivi Solutions have pledged to give a fair share of our time to volunteer work to make real impact where it is needed. We have helped people living with disability, refugee welfare, and animal welfare organisation in the past and now we have taken on a mission to help the children of Africa, so that they too can have a bright and stable future.

We as a design company volunteers with CSAG using the best tool we have to our advantage, i.e branding, graphic design and digital campaigns. Design can be a powerful tool to change mindsets, influence behavior and spread awareness and we want to do our part in facilitating it and help CSAG accomplish their goals.

Every child in the world deserves basic education. It is their right, not a privilege. It is our responsibility as adults to enable that. It is only due to political and socio-economic disparities between nations that some children are left behind, due to no fault of their own. This is unfair and it is up to all of us to help change, so they too can have an equal opportunity to better, not just themselves but their families, societies, and nations. Litchivi Solutions will help spread awareness about CSAG’s cause and promote fundraising campaigns, so underprivileged children can get proper resources for their education.

Our advice would be that even if you think you are too busy to help a cause due to your busy schedule or commitments, you can still at least give 1 hour a week of your time, which would sum up to be 52 hours a year, that is 2 full days a year. Even if you think that’s not enough, imagine the countless people you influence to take the first small step. You could be at the core of the web of positivity, which could help countless underprivileged children, and give them a decent life.

RH Works logo

RH Works provides web development and multimedia design services. My role was to redesign the CSAG website from the ground up. With Emmanuel’s guidance, we were able to bring his vision to life in a modern, user-friendly, and exciting way. Working with CSAG is truly an honor and I am proud to be a part of this team. Volunteering to build this site brought me a lot of fulfillment and I feel blessed to know I have contributed to such a wonderful cause.


“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

– Winston Churchill