Reading Ambassador Programme

The Reading Ambassadors programme is a school-based literacy initiative that promotes a positive attitude towards reading among school children. Reading is very important and we believe to instill a love of reading and we must put pupils at the heart of the process. We introduced Reading Ambassadors programme to provide pupil’s voice in how we promote reading throughout the school.

A child holding a book in a classroom in Ghana

The Role in Action

Reading Ambassadors are chosen for their love of reading, their willingness to share this passion with others and enthusiasm to promote reading throughout the school.

  • The work of the Reading Ambassador is to encourage others in their class to read.
  • Monitor children’s attainment of the weekly reading challenge.
  • Share book reviews and recommendations with their classes.
  • Complete library audits to find out what books, genres, dictionaries and thesauruses are needed to support reading.
  • Help with reading events across the school.
  • Create displays to promote reading within the school.
  • Provide ideas to improve the curriculum.

Help us connect children to the power of books.


Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation and their support is what gives Child Survival Aid Ghana the ability to help so many children around rural Ghana. Your investment of time and energy enables us to achieve our vision: a community where all children have access to literature that represents them.

Your support is vital to our success!