Why Education?

We want to live in a world where education prevails, where children realise their full potential regardless of where they live, what language they speak or the amount of money they have. A good education liberates minds, creates aspiration, and enables economic opportunity. Education will help end poverty because, with basic education, parents learn more about how to care for themselves and their families, which in turn leads their children towards healthier lifestyles.

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Education Liberates Minds


Education helps children to understand better their human rights and refrain from child marriage, criminal acts, begging and child labour. Educated children recognise the importance of maintaining good hygiene, personal growth, and obtaining basic healthcare when sick

Education Creates Aspiration


Educated children dare to dream that they can be better, and that poverty doesn’t define them. They can become doctors or artists, engineers or writers – and dreaming about what to become is the first step in achieving the skills necessary to do so. Education is an enabler that gives children access to the world through the lens of aspiration

Education Enables Economic Opportunity


The transformative power that education has on the economic condition of a country and its citizens is profound. Take reading for example. If every student in low-income countries learnt how to read, 171 million people could lift themselves out of poverty. That’s equal to a 12% reduction in world poverty, and it comes just from the ability to read alone.