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From the Start

Child Survival Aid Ghana (CSAG) stands as a non-profit non-governmental organization with a mission to uplift the education of underprivileged children in Ghana. Our core dedication lies in furnishing rural children with top-notch education and resources, fostering an environment where they can blossom to their fullest potential. We firmly believe that every child, irrespective of their background or location, deserves the right to education. Rooted in this belief, we are resolute in steering positive transformation within rural communities.

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At the core of our purpose is the provision of cost-free education and essential learning resources to underprivileged girls and boys residing in the rural expanses of Ghana. Our aim is to empower them to successfully navigate through primary and secondary education. We bridge the gap by forging connections between schools and volunteer educators, recognizing that the most profound influence on educational achievements emerges through the synergy of comprehensive learning materials for children.


Enhance school enrolment and completion rates among children in rural Ghana by financing essential resources such as uniforms, desks, and hygienic sanitation facilities. Mobilize both local and international volunteers to actively engage in supporting educational programs within schools, thereby elevating disadvantaged rural children and combating the cycle of poverty. Solicit donations of books and facilitate their widespread availability across rural educational institutions, fostering enduring learning opportunities for children. Effectively execute and uphold the mission and vision of Child Survival Aid Ghana, ensuring its standing through the distinguished contributions of its Board, Secretariat, and dedicated volunteers.


We believe that every girl and boy deserves a good education, no matter where they come from. We think all children can overcome poverty through education. That's why we want to make sure that kids in rural areas of Ghana have the same educational opportunities as those in cities. Through this commitment, we actively contribute to the ideals set forth by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

our core values

Respect and Dignity for All:

At CSAG, we hold a deep commitment to treating all children with utmost respect. This principle drives our transformative actions and practices.


We rise above challenges, persevering to achieve success in all our endeavors.


Collaboration is our cornerstone; we pool our efforts for the collective benefit.

Community Engagement:

We establish partnerships with every community we serve, fostering meaningful collaboration.

Child-Centered Approach:

Each child is unique, and we prioritize catering to their individual needs.


Empowering a Brighter Tomorrow Through Education:

The visage of the future rests on the shoulders of children, and their education stands as a pivotal force in lifting communities out of poverty.

CSAG's Dedication:

Child Survival Aid Ghana is unwavering in its commitment to elevate the standards of education and literacy within Ghana's rural enclaves. Our focus extends to empowering underprivileged children, enabling them to embrace their full potential.

Ensuring Equal Educational Opportunities:

CSAG diligently strives to secure quality education for all children, fostering an environment of equitable opportunity. This endeavor not only aligns with Ghana's economic progress but also contributes to the global pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals.

Collective Influence:

The synergy of our collective initiative and support holds the potential to reshape the lives and futures of rural children. For them, a quality education is the sole ladder, paving the way to escape the unending cycle of impoverishment.